Senior Adults

Senior Adults at First Baptist Church of Mt Olive are respectfully called, THE AMAZING GREYS.  Whether retired or still a part of the work force, once a person reaches the age of 55, they are officially a part of the AMAZING GREYS ministry.  This means they have an open invitation to participate in all senior adult activities of the church.  Not only are they invited, we encourage all to participate regularly.

Besides SUNDAY SCHOOL and WORSHIP opportunties each week, there are other ways our AMAZING GREYS are active inside and outside of our church facilities.

AMAZING GREY CHOIR meets each Monday morning at 9:00 to prepare for next Sunday's morning worship service.  This is a very dedicated group of folks who have been faithfully committed to the music and worship ministry for several years.  The ages of this choir currently ranges from 55 to almost 90 years old.   This group existed primarily, for 8 years, to sing the choir special in our first morning worship service every week.  As we are now in one morning worship service each Sunday morning, the AMAZING GREYS choir and our Celebration choir join together for praise and celebration.  Many of our AMAZING GREYS choir are a part of this joint ministry. The AMAZING GREYS choir also seeks opportunities to sing outside of the church, going to nursing homes, and other churches for worship services or senior adult luncheons.

One thing this age group likes to do is go out to eat.  We try to find some nice place, as a group, to eat together.  Sometimes we stay pretty close, but we have traveled as far a couple of hours to enjoy the time of fellowship, on the bus, and enjoy a special cuisine at a popular eating establilshment.

Sometimes, we bundle our eating adventure with touring a uniques place of interest within a couple of  hours from our church.

There are some of our senior adults who enjoy traveling on extended trips, and there are opportunities for them to do that as well.

EACH month, usually the first Tuesday of the month, we have a luncheon/program at the church.  We meet at 10:30 in the Family Life Center for a program that includes a guest speaker or some form of entertainment.  This well attended event each month is a great way for us all to share a laugh, maybe a tear, but always a sweet time of fellowship and food.  We all bring a covered dish of food, and the church provides the meat.  By the way, some of the best deserts ever made can be enjoyed at these luncheons.  You are welcome to come to this event each month.

Top of the River

Guntersville, AL

Thursday, September 17

Leave church at 4:00 


Monthly Meeting

October 6

To Be Announced


We are always open to ideas and opportunities to serve and minister as a group of senior adults.