Student Ministry

Sunday Small Groups
We have worked hard to create a group discussion because we believe engaging conversation is the key to learning.  Our small group leaders work hard each week in preparation to ensure maximum engagement.  

Sunday Nights
We are actively working on creating small group bible studies, Youth Choir, and even ways in which our youth can get a little more hands-on.  Come join and be a part of a variety of interactions.

Every Wednesday night at 6:15, we have Motown.  Motown is a name that perfectly describes this group.  We, in Mount Olive, are not a city. We are a town.  Mount Olive town becomes Motown.  This group of students is made of many personalities, backgrounds, economic statuses, and races.  And we LOVE it this way!  This is a good representation of "the church" coming together to worship and learn about the one true God.  And that is exactly what Motown is!  Come and join us and you will see that we are serious about our learning while also allowing for fun in a relaxed atmosphere.  Anyone, Christ-followers or not, can come and will feel welcomed.  



DNOW 2017!

Victory Week 2017!

Christmas Party 2016!